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Industrial shelving installers need experience with a wide variety of styles and configurations. MHIG shelving installers are proficient in installing virtually all brands and types. From the installation of rows of boltless style shelving units to the complex setup of mobile aisle shelving installs, MHIG crews have the experience required for the job.

MHIG has knowledgeable OSHA certified installation crews that are required to use the proper tools, equipment, and installation techniques to complete the project to designed specifications. All of MHIG installation crews are fully insured. During shelving installations, especially in areas that have Seismic requirements, we follow all applicable state and local codes for a safe and lasting install.

MHIG’s project management and design services can help integrate your shelving system into mezzanine systems or storage aid systems. We can further assist in configuring them to accommodate high density or archive storage systems. Other services we offer are Gantt Charts, design layouts, and space planning.

Material Handling Installation Group Benefits
* MHIG installs material handling equipment but does not supply materials. We can offer referrals to quality suppliers.

View Typical Installation Projects

  • boltless shelving installation
  • mobile aisle install
  • mobile aisle installation
  • mobile aisle installers
  • rivetier shelving installation
  • steel shelving conveyor1
  • steel shelving installation
  • steel shelving spiral conveyor1
  • steel shelving supported mezzanine install

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Typical Industrial Shelving Installations
  • Boltless Style Shelving
  • Mobile Aisle Shelving
  • Record Storage Systems
  • Bulk Shelving
  • High Density Storage
  • Catwalk Systems
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