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In all warehouse environments, there is a chance of impact damage to pallet rack from warehouse vehicles. Pallet rack repair is a cost effective way to safely fix your damaged warehouse rack. Damage to pallet rack is usually located at the upright base and leaves the rest of the rack structurally sound - yet vulnerable to collapse.

The most cost effective solution is to repair instead of replace. MHIG provides rack repair products and solutions that repair your rack – without the need to unload your rack. This makes the repair process faster and keeps it productive for your warehouse - requiring little or no down time.

MHIG offers pallet rack repair and protection options by certified, trained professionals. We have qualified, OSHA certified installers that use the utmost care in repairing damaged pallet rack in order to prevent further damage or injury during the process.

Pallet Rack Repair. From light splice reinforcement to heavy duty permanent repair:

  • Designed to fit any type of rack
  • Can be custom made to match your specific rack damage
  • Permanently repair and reinforce damaged front and rear columns
  • Maintains original configuration of the rack while restoring original load capacity
  • May allow for installation in less than an hour - minimal to zero rack unloading

Along with pallet rack repair, MHIG also offers safety column protectors and pallet rack post protectors that can be field installed to prevent the damage from happening in the first place.

Damage Prevention Equipment. We can supply and install:

  • Pallet Rack End of Aisle Protectors
  • Pallet Rack Post Protectors
  • Pallet Rack Side Impact Protectors
  • Column Protectors For Warehouse & Mezzanine Columns
  • Guard Rail Protectors

* MHIG installs material handling equipment but does not supply materials other than listed.
We can offer referrals to quality suppliers.

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Pallet rack collapse can cause serious injuries in the work place and expensive insurance claims if not repaired correctly.

Don't let this happen at your warehouse/facility.

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